Screw the Knowledgebase, just have one entry: FFR

A Microsoft executive has come out with what he thinks is the only solution to completely rid onesself of Spyware: FDISK, Format, and Reload.

Mike Danseglio, program manager in the Security Solutions group at Microsoft, had this startling statement at the InfoSec World conference, according to eWeek, ?When you are dealing with rootkits and some advanced spyware programs, the only solution is to rebuild from scratch. In some cases, there really is no way to recover without nuking the systems from orbit.?

Now, to be fair, this is good advice for any operating system that gets compromised, but with the amount of spyware that gets on people's machines, and the lengths this crap will go to get embedded in the system is what's really the issue here. It seems there's no end to the spyware problem under Windows.