"Unlawfully killed"

Just saw this story on the BBC news site, and it struck me as rather odd: BBC man 'was unlawfully killed'. Unlawfully killed? What a strange term, unlawfully killed. Apparently the rules of war disallow certain forms of killing. When doing a wikipedia search on the term, I came across an article on the Mersey Tunnels Police, where the term comes up about a ruling a judge handed down for a 2003 driving incident. Apparently the two teens in the car died in a roadblock while they were resisting arrest in a stolen vehicle. The judge ruled that they too were unlawfully killed. Very strange term, since it doesn't do the person who died any good, knowing that they were unlawfully killed. It doesn't soften the blow to the families to know their loved one died in an unlawful manner. Dead is dead, no matter what the circumstances.