The Road to Cinci, Part 4: Storms

There's no feeling quite like the feeling of being in a strange town / city, with no real clue of where you're going, and tornado sirens blaring in your head. That, my friends, was how I tried to find the Fairfield Convention Center.

I dropped JoDee off at the hotel to do damage control (smoking is bad, m'kay?), while I went to the Fairfield Convention Center to unload the car and set up. JoDee told me to be careful and get there ASAP, because there was some serious crap storms approaching. Now, when JoDee talks of storms or the weather, she doesn't speak like one who listens to the radio and hears some communications major spouting weather gibberish they may or may not understand. No, JoDee speaks with the authority of the pointy headed geek they wheel out for special occasions like storms, hurricanes, and Christmas Parties. Y'know, the dude that actually has a meteorology degree, and knows the difference between cumulus, nimbus, and get-thee-to-a-shelterus clouds. JoDee is cut from that cloth, though she doesn't have any formal training in the meterological arts. So, when she says "Be careful out there", you know you'd best be keeping one eye on the road, and one eye on the sky. Unfortunately I took a wrong turn heading out of the hotel, and ended up where I shouldn't have headed. I realized it after a while, but didn't know quite where the convention center was. So, I called Patrick, who (bless his heart) has about as much directional ability as I do when it comes to the asphalt sciences. Then the sirens started wailing. I just about froze. Great, I'm in the middle of this city, with no idea where to head to, bad weather approaching, and tornado sirens going off. WTF!?! I decided against my better judgement to press on, and get to the convention center, since I knew I could likely find shelter there. So, I white-knuckled it to the convention center, and bolted into the building, where I fould ther rest of the folks at CinciClassic. "Hi guys! Um, the tornado sirens are going off". Few people stirred or paid attention. This was a little disconcerting, but I decided to play along for a bit. Inside I was thinking "Yeah, I think there's a TORNADO out there, so we might want to take cover or something". Then I found out something interesting about Fairfield. Apparently the Fairfield folks have an itchy trigger finger when it comes to high winds, and will set off the sirens at a moment's notice. This is in stark contrast to the Detroit weather folks, who will set off the sirens when the damn tornado is sucking your neighbors house up in the air. I guess it's fortunate that they have itchy trigger fingers, but I wonder what will happen when they really have a tornado?