An injustice made right, and a great album deserves your dollars

Thu 25 May 2006 | tags: Music

I was going to bitch about the severe injustice in the world that bands like the New Kids on the Block have their entire back-catalogue in print, yet MC 900 Ft Jesus: Hell With the Lid Offimage was out of print. But, there is balance and justice in the world: Nettwerk reissued this album! I'm really impressed with Nettwerk, with their answer to the RIAA's lawsuits, and their reissuing of this classic record... I swear, if Nettwerk would only cancel their RIAA membership (and tell the RIAA to get stuffed), I'd probably buy their entire back-catalogue.

Yes, friends, this is the only time I'll urge you to break your fast on RIAA music and buy this album. It's a true gem, and you won't be sorry at all. The 5-star reviews are 100% justified.