Yellow jacket surprise

A few days ago, JoDee and I were getting ready to head out to work, when I noticed a yellow jacket by the fuel door of her car. Wonderful. Now I'm going to have to try and extract a yellow jacket from the car without getting stung. This should be entertaining. I have a heathy respect for any animal that can cause me pain, so the less I have to deal with these animals, the better. I went a bit closer, and saw it was stuck in the fuel door. Strange, why would it be stuck in the fuel door? There's plenty of room for it to get in and out. I went closer still, and realized it wasn't moving or struggling. Curious, I poked at it. Nothing. Not even a wriggle. I wonder what killed the little bugger. So, I opened the fuel door to let the body hit it's final resting place on the concrete, when I saw something even more amazing: the nest it was building on inside the chamber on the fuel door. It had at least 15 cells in neat formation hanging off of one of the fuel door supports perpendicular to the door, aimed right at the gas cap. I'm wondering if the fumes overcame it, and it tried to get out of the cozy nest it was busy creating. I'm relieved, too, because I'm sure that I would not have been very calm had I opened the fuel door to a yellow jacket nest.