Saving Private Bacon

Through a mis-step of the fingers, I managed to delete an entire flash card of photos with my camera. Fortunately, I realized what happened, and pulled out the card until I could find a utility under Linux that would allow one to undelee files from a FAT file system. There's about a dozen utilities that promise to recover your data for Windows, but since I run Linux here, that wasn't going to do (and I wasn't about to spend $45 either). After some more intrepid googling, I came across Foremost. I used dd to copy off the filesystem from the card, and then ran foremost. I wasn't even sure it did anything, but later found a directory with lots of photos in it, including photos taken from a long time ago (CinciClassic, Cows for Kenya, and some storm photos from JoDee). Pretty interesting that all of that was easily recovered without much difficulty. My hat is off to the foremost developers for an excellent utility that saved my bacon!