0MG! V1Ru535!

imageSteve pointed me to McAfee's site where he noticed a pretty misleading advertisment. This advertisment for the Secure IE service claims to do a security scan of your browser. According to this security scan, I'm pretty much a sitting duck for Active X attacks. That's disturbing, because Firefox doesn't have Active X and Linux doesn't have Active X either. I've pretty much written off McAfee (and Symantec, for that matter) as cheap, money-grubbing whores. They aren't interested in your computer's safety, they're more interested in making sure you are a repeat customer. "The Internet is a scary place! Viruses! Trojans! Worms!" Their message is one of uncertainty and fear. McAfee used to be one of the good vendors of virus protection. There was a time when a recommendation for McAfee's software was automatic. Now, they're sellers of security snake-oil, and partnering themselves with an organization that uses cheap scare tactics to drive customers to by their products only cements my disdain.