New load of Fedora Core 5

I'm testing out a new load of Fedora Core 5 on my main machine. Here's a quick run-down of my experience so far:

  • Evolution has regressed in to a bloated pile of quivering dogshit. It appears my favorite PIM has gained a lot of neat features, but traded off much of the stability I've come to enjoy in using Evolution. It randomly crashes on exit, won't sync with the palm some of the time, and creates private records on the Palm when adding new entries. What the hell happened, guys? I know I was using 1.4.6 for way too long, but if this is the direction you're headed, I'm sorry I upgraded.
  • CUPS still doesn't work, but I've resigned myself to know that anything that advertises itself as being easy when it comes to network printing is flat-out lying. If they ever network-enable falling off of a log, it'll take a CCNA to make it happen.
  • I haven't installed my studio apps yet in the hopes that I can get the system stable before mucking it up any more.
  • Yum is great when it works right. It loads things up like nobody's business. However, on the flip side, if you want to remove something like Evolution that is now needed for half of the damn GNOME install, you'll cripple your install in no-time-flat.

That's about it for now. I just wanted to air out some complaints I've had with this new install, but also wanted to take the time to say that Fedora Core 5 is one of the best distributions I've loaded in a long time (well, since Red Hat 9). Everything seems to just work. I've used it on three machines now, and while nothing is perfect, at least the community is there to help make it work well. Cheers, guys and gals, for a great Linux experience!