Red Hat will go bust because of Ubuntu? Not likely.

Free Software Magazine has an editorial on why RedHat will go bust because of Ubuntu. I personally don't see Ubuntu replacing Red Hat Linux any time soon. The market has been able to bear several distributions of Linux for some time now. True, distributions like Yggdrasil and Caldera have all but disappeared from the Linux landscape, but those changes have been for substantial reasons. I'm not sure why Yggdrasil fell off the map (probably because no 'merkin knew how to pronounce it. :) ) but I can say that Caldera fell off the map because nobody was buying it. People are still buying Red Hat Linux, and the Fedora crew is still going strong. Heck, if you gave Ubuntu and Fedora the same GNOME themes, you'd be hard pressed to tell the difference between the two until you got further down the covers.

Perhaps one day Red Hat Linux will go the way of the Yggdrasil. I'm going to enjoy the distribution until that day.