reBlog is my new RSS reader

Remember a while back when switched my RSS feed reader from rss2email to feedonfeeds? I've used feedonfeeds now for a few months, and have found a few shortcomings that drove me to check out some other feed readers. These shortcomings are:

  1. No search. (I was even going to take a stab at putting this in myself since all of the data is in MySQL. Shouldn't be more than a select query, no?)
  2. Catching up on feeds meant I had to check a box, and then update the state of the server. If I was reading a large page of feeds, that meant I had to either:
  3. 1. Reload a lot of feeds again, or 2. Read a lot of feeds, hoping that I wouldn't lose state somewhere.
  4. No clear distinction between feeds with new items.
  5. No sorting on feeds by any characteristic other than name.

After a few days of not reading my feeds and feeling overwhealmed AGAIN by my RSS feeds, I decided there had to be a better program out there. I ran into an article on LifeHacker about reBlog.

What's interesting about reBlog is I don't have to give up all of the goodies that I really liked about feedonfeeds, since reblog is a fork of the feedonfeeds code. What it does have, though is like a laundry list of the items that I was missing from feedonfeeds. I can mark an article as read without having to reload the whole page. I can search for a particular article from the search bar. I can also navigate through the list of articles and mark them as read/unread using keypresses. Very cool stuff.