Zune Won't Play Old DRM Infected Files

Microsoft has come out and said that their new "iPod killer" meia player, the Zune, will have a small problem. See, Zune Won't Play Old DRM Infected Files. What does this mean for you, the consumer? It means that if you've bought any digital music that Microsoft claims "PlaysForSure" (Or, as it's more appropriately called: "PlaysForShit"), and you decide to pick up this latest media player, well, you'll be out of luck with your "PlaysForSure" media. That's a huge gaffe, right? Well, no problem is insurmountable. It seems Microsoft is encouraging people to break the law and use programs to convert their protected Windows Media files to play on their new Zune player. Yay! Zune gets these old tunes! Unfortunately, if you've been paying attention to a little law known as the DMCA, you'll know that Microsoft is encouraging people to do something that is illegal under current U.S. law. The delicious ironies don't stop there, as Jim Alchin has also recommended that people could rip their DVDs using software (that uses DeCSS) and convert them for use with Zune.

So, rememer kids: The DMCA is only valid unless you've purchased Microsoft's "iPod Killer". Then it's OK to Rip, Mix, Burn, and Share.