Impressive, but how much?

I think I should list stock spams as a hobby, because I love looking into the little details behind these little missives I receive from complete strangers. The latest one is for LITL.PK, otherwise known as L International. There's not much financial news on the site about this company, but they've got a pretty rich history. In 2003 they introduced some amazing screen arrays back when dual LCD monitors were a serious status symbol. According to Wikipedia, Liebermann Inc. folded their doors in 2004. Now, they're back, and they have an incredible portfolio of products on their site. No, seriously... go take a look. On the main page is a 20.1" laptop with a dual Blu-Ray and HD-DVD drive, solid state drive, dual SATA hard disk, 4GB of RAM, and more input and output ports than you can shake a laptop at. Plus, it's got 4 speaker surround. This has to be the most amazing laptop on the planet, no doubt. And, it's Linux compatible too! Check out their servers. Why, not only do they have a way-wicked cool cooling system (with tubes, even!) they also thought to add a zero latency audio workbench to it. Not only can you get those TPS reports out, but you can also work on your latest audio masterpiece! Amazing!

Now, I know what you're thinking... You can't possibly afford any of these awesome machines. If you have to ask how much they are, you obviously can't afford them, right? Funny enough, you can't even ask how much they are. Go try to find a page that has a $ on it. I'll wait. (And no, they don't even have an "ask us for a quote" page as far as I can tell).
So, a stock that's poised to rocket off of planet Earth with enough technologies to make even the most hardened nerd swoon doesn't have anywhere on their site where you can purchase their great wares.

Fishy? Perhaps. Tease? You bet.