Ohio Linuxfest

Last weekend JoDee and I went to Ohio Linuxfest. It was a lot of fun, and very informative. There were several talks that were top-notch (Jeff Waugh's presentation on GNOME user interfaces and Ubuntu was great, as was John "maddog" Hall's open-source revival). Unfortunately we got there too late to see Chris DiBon'a talk (which was switched to 9:30). I also got to talk with lots of the vendors there, and ask them some questions. Sun was there, but didn't have the Thumper on hand (but then again, carrying 30 hard drives isn't exactly light, either). We also got to see the special guests of honor: the penguins! It was awesome to see penguins at a show, but unfortunately the room was packed, so I didn't decent pictures. JoDee unfortunately spent most of the weekend working on her papers and schoolwork, so she didn't get to have as much fun as she would have liked, but I think overall we both enjoyed the weekend.

Pictures from Ohio Linuxfest

(And, just so everyone knows, I have the best wife EVER! :) )