Geller seeks "heir" on TV

Calling teaspoon benders! Geller seeks "heir" on TV

Apparently Uri Geller is going to be hosting a show where 10 contestants will go for the honor of being Uri Geller's protoge. I really hope this gets aired in the US (it won't, I'm sure). The sd thing is there's going to be ten people out there aspiring to be the complete ass-wipe Uri already is. Do we need more Uri? And what of the other nine contestants? Will they pack up their spoons and quit their gig, or will they try again next season?

The mind boggles.

(As an aside, JoDee bent a spoon with her mind at home. I kid thee not, she bent it just they the did on TV. Her secret? She bent it while I wasn't looking. It really is a cool illusion, and it's very easy to make it look good. Don't believe me? Here's an explanation from a magician. Remember the magic seven words: bend it when no one is looking).