Screw you, Sony

Wed 25 October 2006 | tags: Games

Sony has been on a major rampage lately against Lik-Sang. Lik-Sang is a Hong Kong-based import shop which deals both in after-market peripherals and import items. At issue is Lik-Sang's sale of goods outside of the country they are specified (for instance, Japanese consoles in the EU or North American Market). Sony went after Lik-Sang in European courts, and won (Sony's Win a Major Blow for Importers). Lik-Sang has since closed their doors (Lik-Sang is Out of Business). Now, we learn that Sony themselves has purchased items from Lik-Sang in the past (Sony admits to buying grey goods). As someone who has purchased imports in the past, it's distressing that these very cool games are going to be harder and harder to come by because of Sony's heavy-handed tactics. Ultimately I think they're trying hard to kill the used game market and control the launch of the PS3 (I believe the EU is getting a delayed launch, so if people start importing consoles, then the launch isn't quite as successful). I think Sony has crossed the line, and will think long and hard before I spend any money on a PS3. There were few reasons I would have picked up a PS3, and there's even less reason now.

Screw you, Sony. You may think you can bully your customers, but we have the final say.