Just one fix

Well, this morning the phone line went dead, presumably for the transfer to the new apartment. We'll have to check that when we get there. This unfortunately means no DSL for me until 10/31. So, if you're looking to get a hold of me quickly, please use my super-secret gmail account. Sure, eventually my DSL will be working again (and AT&T will most definitely notice the spike in activity at the new apartment as all of my mail, RSS, and podcasts start simultaneously fetching content), but for now, that's the connectivity I have.

I joked with Steve at work (who is in the same situation I was when we first moved to our current apartment over three years ago (aka: 28.8Kbps modem)) that he currently has more bandwidth at home than I do. I just hope that on the 31st that the joke isn't on me.

Of course, this is probably a blessing in disguise, as now I can concentrate on more important things than my digital hobo lifestyle (thanks to Merlin Mann for that great image), like, for instance, packing up all of our stuff for "the big move" tomorrow. I think JoDee would appreciate not having to hear the clacking of the keys and the "just one second" plea while I take care of some trivial minutiae online. Thank you, AT&T. Now I can focus.