Election day is over... listen to the silence

Election day is over, and now maybe we can have our mailboxes, phones and airwaves kept clean from bullcrap ads for various candidates and their personal problems (did you know candidate X opens the kleenex after he blows his nose? What does that say about how he'll help our economy?) Seriously, the amount of mudslinging has got to stop with these campaigns. I received no less than four Republican glossy ads attacking Granholm, no less than three ads attacking Bruce Patterson (funny enough, they appear to have been the same ads from the last time he was running for office. Apparently they couldn't come up with anything new). Of course none of them provided clear specifics for what they'd actually DO while in office, outside of the general platitudes of hard work, decent living, and fighting for the good, honest, hard working citizens that vote for them. Then again, maybe nobody would vote for them if they were perfectly honest with us. (I'm going to go into the hallowed political halls, get bamboozled by lobbyists and lawyer-language, play political games for leverage, and vote for things nobody in their right mind would ever pass into law).

BTW: Breaking News: The Dems may finally have a chance at the House of Representitives. Not that it really matters now, since the Contract with America (or more appropriately the Contract on America) has pretty much run it's course, and the damage has already been done. Now we can listen to the Republicans bitch that they can't get anything done because they don't have a majority anymore. If the past 12 years are any indication of how things are supposed to get done, then perhaps it's best every congressional leader just sit on their hands.