Some random thoughts:

  • Can someone explain to me the purpose of tinny ringtone samples? Is it to annoy the rest of the world with your surprisingly bad taste in music? It was bad enough when people had poor MIDI renditions of popular songs, but now we have renditions of songs that sound like they were beamed from Mars and amplified through a pair of KMart bargain-bin headphones. And if I hear another country song blaring out of someone's phone, I swear I don't think I'll be able to control myself as I extract their phone from wherever it's kept and place it somewhere where it won't be so easily extracted. Enough already.
  • Personalized license plate sightings: 2UPEACE (To you, peace) seen on a Toyota Prius that also had a bumper sticker claiming "ONE LESS SUV". Whatever, buddy. Also seen: LOVEDMB. I hold this person personally responsible for the crappy music phones out there.
  • Seen on a license plate frame: "I retired from Ford. I still drive a Ford". Whatever works, buddy.
  • Apparently the bank pays attention to their forwarding address mail because we got a letter from them to change our address. Talk about convenience.
  • I resubscribed to The Gillmor Gang because I managed to burn through Leo Laporte's "This Week in Tech". Could someone smack me the next time I do this? From listening to Steve go on and on and on about Earthlink and GoDaddy during the first few minutes of EVERY F-ING PODCAST to listening to the same crap rehashed over and over, it's enough to drive one batty. If Steve Gillmor is content, and Leo Laporte is production, I'll take production every time. (Attention Doc Searls: if you ever create your own podcast, please let us know. I'd take an hour of you reading recipies from a cookbook over listening to the roundtable from hell).
  • Oh, almost forgot: I saw an Avalance out there with no less than six LCD screens. As far as I could tell there was one screen on the back of each head-rest, one in each visor, one in the center, and two that I couldn't tell where they were located. It was surreal watching the screens change almost like a video wall. Bizzare.