Catching up

Seems like I've been posting more and more lists instead of actual content in recent weeks. It's been a bit crazy over here, and we're still catching up. I think we'll be ready for Christmas some time in... how's January 15th? Who moved the date for Christmas up this year? And on a Monday too? Sheesh!
I'm not sure what search term was used recently, but someone commented on my previous festive posting about the season. (Warning: get the kids off your lap before clicking that link. It's definitely PG rated). This year I haven't given it any thought at all. Heck, we just got done putting all of that stuff into boxes and found places to put it in the closet; I don't want to go a-disturbin' the natural order of things. :)

The end-of-the-year is fast approaching (and by fast I mean get-off-the-tracks-the-bullet-train-is coming-mind-the-gap fast) Why, it seems only like yesterday we were ringing in the new year, and I was unlearning writing 2005 on my checks. Now I'll have to unlearn 2006 on my next batch of checks. And it doesn't help that business moves at the speed pf procrastination, which means we're working at break-neck speeds to get everything accomplished by the end of the year.

I've listened to a few books recently. I'll put up some mini-reviews in the the coming days.