This is probably why Ford isn't selling cars

I just saw an article on CNN's Money magazine about the new Ford concept car, The Interceptor. It's claim to fame is that it's a four door Mustang. Now, I'm not a huge Mustang fan, and I don't claim to know too much about cars, but isn't this pretty much the antithesis of what the Mustang "brand" is all about? Four doors? C'mon, people. If you're going to introduce a four door sports car that shares the same undercarriage as a two door sports car, at the very least don't come right out and say "this is a four door version of our popular two door sports car". Leave it to the gear-heads to tell people "it's just a Mustang underneath" instead of coming out and saying "it's a four-door Mustang". Now nobody will want The Interceptor" because it implicitly says "you settled". "You wanted a two-door sports car, but your family said otherwise. You'll have to settle for the four door sports car instead. Sucker".

Totally brillant.