5 things you didn't know about me

Seems this meme is going around, so I thought I'd share (bore?) you with five things you may or may not have known about me:

  1. I took a practice MOIS test (a standardized test to see what careers would be aligned with your interests / personality) over at my mom's school once when I had a day off from school (I was in jr. high school at the time). I scored the test, and excitedly looked up the answer. To my dismay it read "agriculture", which was decidedly not the "computer programmer" career I was hoping to get. So, I fudged the answers to make it match up. (Some days I wonder if I should have fudged those numbers. :) )
  2. I saved up all summer in my sophmore year to purchase a CD player. I knew right away that CDs were the way to go, even when they were a little more expensive than the tapes or vinyl. I was all about the portability of CDs, and the ability for them to consistently play back with no degredation. My first three albums were "Bryan Adams: Into the Fire", "Bon Jovi: Slippery When Wet", and "Rush: Hold Your Fire". I still have the Rush album, and the fourth album I bought: "Joe Jackson: Big World". This obsession with CDs lead to me being on a first-name basis with Carl over at Holland CD when I was in college.
  3. I had to be rescued from a tree because my leg got caught in between the "V" of the trunks. The neighbors across the way used a 2x4 to pull the tree trunks apart. The story of why I was up in the tree in the first place? I wanted to see what the neighbor kids were doing behind us. Unfortunately, I slipped, and my leg got stuck. They noticed, and to this day I can hear them yelling for my mom: "Lady! Your kid is stuck in the tree!" Embarassing.
  4. I was fascinated by computers and robotics at a very young age, having seen Batman and Star Wars by the time I was 7. (Well, I didn't actually see Star Wars. I was too chicken-shit to actually see it in the theater because I knew that the Death Star blew up. When I was 4 or 5, we went to the Smithsonian, and I was practically under the seat after they showed a cheesy animation / sound effect of a Super Nova blowing up. I didn't want to repeat that any time soon). I read as much as I could about computers in the World Book Encyclopedia, and read how computers were room-filling devices. When I saw an advertisment for an [Apple ], I thought it was a minicomputer, because they only showed the back-half (no keyboard). When I realized there was such a thing as a microcomputer, I wanted one in the worst way. I looked at every catalog I could get my hands on, and even cut up boxes to make my own computers. Nary a box in our house wasn't cut up to be either a keyboard, floppy disk drive, or monitor.
  5. I semi-seriously considered a degree in Entymology, and visited a college to check out their program. I quickly reconsidered, though, after meeting one of the professors there. Don't get me wrong, he was a very nice guy, and absolutely loved his field. Unfortunately, I don't think I was quite into it as much as he was, after seeing the fifth or sixth case of mites, all categorized and pinned. It just wasn't as fascinating after the second or third case.