Keep your secrets to yourself (and one secret I don't mind sharing)

Spurred on to learn more about "The Secret" that she read about on the JREF site, JoDee scoured several video sites using the term "Secret". Here's what she found:

  1. The First 20 minutes of "The Secret", which has all the charm of an advertisment for a timeshare, and uses that wonderful word "Quantum Physics" in that New-Agey-Hippie-Bullshit-Energy way that drives those who have actually got the scars from READING and UNDERSTANDING what Quantum Physics and Quantum Mechanics are absolutely nuts. Now, don't get me wrong: I think focusing on a goal, and visioning techniques are the master key to getting what you want out of life, but when you start saying that your intentions become electro-mechanical devices for attracting things to you, then you've bought a ticket on the "woo-woo" train right next to magnetic bracelets, dowsing rods, and snake-oil.
  2. More of "The Secret", which completely misunderstands Einstein's famous equation and translates that misunderstanding into a life philosophy. I liked E=MC\^2 when it was just a dessert topping.
  3. Lest we just pick on those energy-attracting humbug salespeople, let's reflect on simpler times when everything could be explained away by aliens and government conspiracy: UFO - The Secret Government.
  4. Mind Control: America's Secret War is the History Channel's way of getting you to sit through another movie about LSD and Electro Shock Therapy. Mmmmmm... Electro Shock Therapy.
  5. Secret Space has it all: Aliens, Conspiracy, and the Third Reich thrown in for good measure. Yes, folks, we never went to the moon, because it was just JFK's way of bluffing Hitler and Stalin while buying time for reverse engineering the crashed UFOs. If this movie doesn't bring out the "Mystery Science 3000" critic in you, nothing will. I especially liked the 10 minutes of copyright refresher at the beginning of the film.

And now that you've waded through all of that crap, here's the reward: Top Secret Drum Corp from Switzerland.