When In Doubt, Make It Public

Coding Horror: When In Doubt, Make It Public

This article codifies much of my thoughts on the phenominal success of things like Linux, Free and Open Source Software, and all of the open standards out there. Giving people the ability to collaborate with you in an open way is one of the most remarkable things I think the Internet has done. I've written several things that have received attention from other people (software, postings, etc.) It's the greatest, most inexplicable feeling to know you have touched someone's life enough to have them respond to you... a test for echo if you will.

Also, it's a testament to the virtual communities that would spring up on shared machines like UNIX and VAX. I remember running forums on the school's VAX, and being fascinated wit the technology. On UNIX, to know that with a single 'wall' command, you could reach tens or hundreds of people was both exhilerating and a bit frightening.

% wall "Goodnight, everyone"<RETURN>