Roadrunner Records: Please renounce the RIAA

Sun 29 April 2007 | tags: Music

Dear Roadrunner Records,

You may not know me, but I've been a huge fan of your artists, like Fear Factory, Type O Negative, Sepultura, and many more. The reason I'm writing this letter is to let you know that there's several releases in your pipeline that are of interest to me. I'm really looking forward to the new Dream Theater and Megadeth Albums, as well as picking up some of the older releases from some of your artists.

There's just one problem, though: you're still a member of the RIAA.

Now, let's be fair: you love the RIAA. You love putting "RIAA-certified gold" on every press release that I've seen whenever I've searched on Google for "RIAA and Roadrunner". That's all fine and good, but seeing the RIAA goon-squad going after Nine Inch Nails fans for swapping tacks that you (the label) signed off on should be a warning that things are pretty messed up (see RIAA Goes After NINE INCH NAILS Fans Over Deliberate Leak Campaign, which is on Blabbermouth (your own site)). Alas, I'm sure this is just piddling in the wind, as I just read that Warner Music bought a majority of shares of your parent company, so you're just a puppet on a string now. Too bad. I really want to support your artists and your music, but that RIAA stink is just too much to bear. Sad, too, because the new Megadeth album sounds pretty damn good. Oh, and Dream Theater? That should be an awesome album. I'll probably pick up Octavarium some day.

Hoping this doesn't fall on deaf ears, your friend, Craig.