Trip to Frankenmuth

imageJoDee and I took the day after our anniversary to head to Frankenmuth again. (I think we're like the experts of this little town, since we've been going there almost every year since we've been going out). Unfortunately, much has changed in the years we've been going: the School-Haus shopping mall is no more, Memory Lane Arcade is now a cooking store, and several shops we looked forward to seeing have since shuttered their doors (notably the pan-Asian shop). But, many things haven't changed in Frankenmuth, and I think that's part of the reason we like going there so much. The place still has that small-town feel, and it closely guards the tourist-trap feeling we've come to know and love. Heck, even their "high-tech" haunted house doesn't look all that high-tech.image Every time we've gone to Frankenmuth, we're reminded that no matter how things change, there's still a place for both JoDee and I there, even if it is behind some cheezy wood cutouts.