The new Apple keyboard: WTF?

Yeah yeah, the new iMac, blah blah blah. What disturbs me more is the new Apple Keyboard. I've long been a fan of the Apple keyboards (I've owned several over the years, and have happily used them with my Linux machines (exhibit 1, 2)), but this thing just doesn't do it for me. Several of the main functions like volume up, volume down) are now taking up function key real-estate. True, function keys are the antithesis of the Macintosh interface, but truth-be-told, there are applications that like to map keyboard shortcuts to them. I'd be interested to hear some true keyboard shortcut junkies like Merlin Mann (of weigh in on this new keyboard layout. I'm hoping the keys aren't reminiscent of another famouns keyboard (IBM PC Jr, anyone?) Maybe I'm just a manic obsessive over keyboards, and maybe over time I'll grow to love this new keyboard, but for right now I say Yuck!