The death of 97.1

Fri 05 October 2007 | tags: Rants

CBS decided to change the format of WKRK to turn it into a simulcast of their current AM station WXYT. While some people are hailing this as a good thing, others are not quite as pleased. JoDee is absolutely pissed about this change, since it means that the afternoon gab-fest shows that she would listen to while driving / working are now completely off the air. Sure, they moved the ever popular Deminski and Doyle show to mornings (which in my mind started the death clock for that show. I give it three months before they're pulled completely), but there's no gab shows in the Detroit area that aren't a) political, b) religious, or c) NPR. While CBS's decision was likely to increase the ever-elusive 18-35 year old male ratings, what of the 18-35 year old female ratings? I don't think this gamble will pay off at all for CBS, and while I hope that Deminski and Doyle aren't penalized for the mistakes of their management, I fear the station is going to take another quick format change "real soon now". WKRK already tried a sports show with Parker and The Man, and while the problems it faced may have been more personnel related than anything, the show was yanked off of the air after a while. There's just not that much to talk about with sports, unless you want to start becoming a parody like ESPN. The irony of this is that Deminski and Doyle just celebrated their 10 year anniversary of the Detroit show. I'm wondering if they'll even be in Detroit for their 11th anniversary.

CBS - Sorry, but you fucked up this time.