Setting sail with Captain Chickenshit

I have a tendency to want the most easy way out of situations. It's in my nature as a programmer to look for the simplest, least offensive solution to a problem. If there's a way to optimize a problem, I'll likely be the one trying to find it. Unfortunately there is also a tendency for me to consider something too hard or too onerous to achieve, and to look at not doing it as some form of optimization. It's been a real challenge for me to keep from avoiding things in the name of optimization only to realize later that I avoided it just because I wasn't comfortable, or (gasp) afraid what might come. I'm not sure how many opportunities have looked me in the eye, and I turned away, but I'm sure they smelled the fear, the uncertainty, and the self-doubt.

Well, no more.

Ladies and gentlemen, please bid a fond farewell to Captain Chickenshit, as he sails off into the sunset. Raise your glass high, as he catches a fair wind. Bid him well on his journey.

And send a torpedo aimed squarely at his ship. *FOOM*.