Neil Peart comments (briefly) on the Blender article

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(Taking you to the place where I found this nugget) out of courtesy to them, and because they do a great job with Rush news).

I think sometimes these music rag writers forget to realize that behind the exteriors these performers put out, there is a real human being there, with all of the same self-doubt, insecurity, and need for approval that we all share. Having to perform after reading that you've made a list (albeit, a really silly and mean-spirited list) of worst rock lyricists still has to sting a bit. I hope whomever is looking for feedback to their article realizes what their article did.

After that, though, was the funny advice for fans:

In a somewhat lighter vein, here’s a bit of advice that Alex, Geddy, and I were joking about during an intermission one night, and agreed ought to be passed along: Guys, if your girlfriend hates Rush, don’t bring her to the show. And if you absolutely have to bring her, buy her earplugs. At two of those British venues we looked out all night at a scowling female, front-row center, each with her fingers in her ears for the whole show. Hardly inspiring, for them or us!

Fortunately I don't have that problem. JoDee loves Rush.