At least the rats will feel right at home

I ended up spending way too long messing with audio components last night. We managed to get an audio rack over the weekend, so I decided to try and consolidate / rearrange some of the components so they weren't a complete rat's nest of cables and what-not. I started around 7:30 putting audio components into the rack, only to have it vetoed by JoDee (apparently she doesn't want one whole wall taken up by A/V equipment. Apparently she doesn't share my techno-decorating fixation). Then, I spent the rest of the evening reconstructing the delicate balance that was the old setup. Trust me, it's hard work getting everything just so, and making it not look rat-nesty?

The end result?

Rat-nesty cables combined with components that aren't "just so".

At least putting it back together only took the rest of the night. :)


(On the plus side, I did get set up my speakers so they sound better than what I had before. Apparently I was on drugs when I set up the crossover for the subwoofer, so it sounded muddier than it should have).