What a weekend

Trying to come down from quite a weekend. On Friday (since I had it off) JoDee and Sarah and I went to the land of Ikea, whici is kind of like Oz, except the road through has arrows, the food consists of meatballs, and you can take parts of Oz... I mean Ikea, home with you. I spent about 20 minutes trying to find the perfect desk lamp to replace the Eclipse lamp I have on my desk. After considering Lampan, Flygel, Farja, Grono, Husa, Grobda, Iviken, Kila, Mylonit, Lykta, and Porfylit (apologies for not getting all of the umlauts on the proper vowels), I decided to get the Korsby. It's a nice lamp, but the staggering amount of choices made it nearly impossible to figure out which one I should get. (I'm still partial to the Kila myself).

Also, if you're one of the first 50 or so people through the doors at Ikea on Black Friday (the day after Thanksgiving), they'll drop a couch on you that you can take home. Sign me up for that one.

After traveling to the nation of Ikea, we went to the mall, and trapsed around there too. One thing we learned was that Franklin Covey has open network access on their demo machine. Who knew?

On Saturday, JoDee and Stephen and I went to Dave and Busters. We have 10,000 tickets on our card. Only 20,000 more and we can get an XBox 360! (Or maybe we'll just settle for the folding bike, or the small island nation).

Sunday was pretty quiet. I was pressed into servicing JoDee's dad's Windows 98 machine. It's primary function is to play "Realflight" (a RC plane simuator), and unfortunately it wasn't doing a very good job because of some DirectX problem. after fiddling with the program, I got it to work properly. The worst of it? There's one main disc, one upgrade disc, and one add-ons disc, and NONE of them will allow you to install all of their contents on the more-than-ample hard-drive. So, in order to use the program with some of the additional craft / scenery, you need to swap discs. I'm sorry, but is this really necessary? The only reason I can think of for this silly behaviour was for copy protection, and that is no excuse. Lame.

All in all, a good weekend. Now to get some sleep to start the work-week.