Welcome to the anti-social

I just got a message from Classmates.com to "see who signed my guestbook". I decided to click on it and see, knowing full well it's likely a ploy to get me to subscribe to their service. Sure enough, it wouldn't let me see anything without a subscription. So, rather than subscribe, I decided to try to be polite and post a general announcement that if people wanted to get a hold of me, to visit this website. I figred rather than be a complete ass, I'd just give people a pointer to this site. I posted, and received a "this message may not be posted publicly because it could violate our terms of service". Curious how leaving a pointer to another website would violate their terms of service, I clicked on their terms of service and read. Pretty much anything that could jeopardize their cash cow is considered a violation of their terms of service. So, I did the other polite thing and canceled my account so nobody will think for a second that I'm going to keep checking that silly service.

Welcome to the anti-social, where you can get a hold of me under my own terms. And it's free to boot.