From Rush to R30 - A listening retrospective: Permanent Waves

Permanent Waves is one of my favorite albums. The Spirit of Radio became one of my favorite songs before I even heard the album, or knew what it was. I watched a copy of the Grace Under pressure tour video, and was completely blown away by The Spirit of Radio. The energy, and the raw intensity was unlike anything I had heard in a Rush album. It just completely and totally rocked. When it came time to figure out a handle to use for the local BBS, I couldn't think of anything that would fit. "Spirit of Radio"? Nah. After some deliberation, I chose Permanent Waves. Maybe it wasn't the best handle, but oh well. Next is Freewill, another of the classic Rush songs that you can't help avoid on the radio (maybe because it's just a great song. :) ) The rest of the album may not be as well known as the first two songs, but are no less important. Jacob's Ladder is mostly instrumental, and any Rush instrumental is always welcome in my book. Entre Nous could have easily been a hit song, had someone tried a little harder (it's definitely one of those hidden gems on this album). Different String is also a slightly slower song, but another favorite. Ending the album is Natural Science, which closes the album in a somewhat rocking, somewhat progressive vein. As an aside, the version of Natural Science on the Working Man tribute almost put me off Devon Townsend for good, but that's another story for another series.

Permanent Waves is an oft overlooked Rush album that ranks as one of my absolute favorites. I love every song on this album, and find that when listening to it, I zone into the music until the last waves on Natural Science. What a great album.