From Rush to R30 - A listening retrospective: Moving Pictures

I can think of no other Rush album that has more tracks in rotation on the local radio stations. Ask a Rush fan to name their top five Rush albums, and they'll likely list Moving Pictures somewhere in that list, often with the disclaimer that it's way overplayed. But, to deny that this album is the album that defined Rush for a new generation is to miss the historic significance. For starters, this album featured more synthesizers than any previous Rush album. It's also the last Rush album that had a song that clocked in over 10 minutes. Some call this the album that ended the progressive era of Rush. I tend to make that break between Permanent Waves and Moving Pictures, personally.

The first track on Moving Pictures needs no introduction: Tom Sawyer. Even if you're not familiar with Rush or their music, you've heard this song. "A modern warrior, mean mean stride..." (now you'll have the song stuck in your head all day! Muhahahah!)

Red Barchetta is one of the lesser known tracks on Moving Pictures, but is a great song. I think this song alone has kept people interested in Barchetta's.

YYZ - THE instrumental that all musicians need to have at the ready. I've used this as a musical handshake several times while playing drums. It quickly gets the attention of all of the Rush fans.

Limelight - "All the world's indeed a stage, and we a merely players, performers and portrayers. Each another's audience outside the guilded cage". Classic.

The Camera Eye - I can see why they stopped making 10+ minute songs. I really don't like this song that much. It's too fiddly and meanders all over the place.

Witch Hunt - Another classic song, but the synths and Simmons drum pads make it sound a tad dated. Still one of my favorites.

Vital Signs - OK, so the synths and pads I mentioned for Witch Hunt? They totally work in this song. One of my favorite tracks on this disc.