Brain-death in advertising

Thu 06 March 2008 | tags: Rants

I noticed on one of the Detroit News web pages a banner-add that looked like a coupon for a free half-dozen donuts with the purchase of a half-dozen donuts from Dunkin Donuts. Being a fan of the donut, and a huge fan of the free donut, I decided to check it out. I chuckled to myself how many people might have tried to cut out the coupon on the screen, or taken the computer in to the store to redeem their free donuts. I wasn't going to fall for that, being the technologically savvy, smart individual I am.

I clicked on the ad and was rewarded with the Dunkin Donuts site. Expecting to be rewarded soon with free donut coupons, I waited for the site to load. Reward thus far? A video in the right-hand corner playing one of their television advertisements. Potential free donuts? None as of yet. I looked in the promos section of their site. Hmm, I can win free coffee for a year... wait, that promotion isn't in this area. I could send them a video of how I keep America running, but what I'd really like is that coupon for free donuts. After clicking around a while, I'm not seeing free donut coupons. I mean, I've done my Pavlovian duty by clicking on the ad, where in the hell is my reward? ARRRRGGGHHH!!!!

So, apparently Mr. Smart-and-Savvy should have cut out the coupon from his monitor and taken it in. Who would have thunk it?