The Buck Rogers Drinking Game

JoDee and I have been watching Buck Rogers on Hulu. As kids we both really enjoyed the show, and while the show has it's moments, it also has an incredible amount of 70's era cheese. While viewing the show, we both thought this show definitely needed a drinking game. After a quick Google search, we realized there wasn't a Buck Rogers drinking game. This, friends, is a travesty. So, in the true spirit of collaboration on the web, I dedicate this post to creating the Buck Rogers drinking game. Put your rules in the comments of the post.

Here's a few to get you started. Take a drink anytime:

  • Buck Rogers goes into martial arts mode. Double drinks if one or more of the folks on his mission also starts doing martial arts.
  • Buck meets a girl in trouble, and decides to help her.
  • A fighter does a barrel roll.
  • Buck makes a comment from the 20th century that is completely misunderstood. Bonus drinks if it is a gesture like "thumbs up".
  • Twiki makes a comment from the 20th century that is completely misunderstood.
  • Buck makes a comment about 25th century inhabitants not using their brains or cunning.
  • One of the people from Earth is put into an elaborate arena or situation that is supposed to be deadly, but offers relatively easy escape. Bonus drinks if the escape involves explosives.
  • A futuristic piece of machinery is easily identified as a computer, game, toy, or other relic from the 1980s.
  • Gary Coleman.
  • Someone from Night Court, or the 1960s Batman show is a guest star. Bonus drinks if Jack Palance or Peter Graves is a guest star. Drain your drinks if Buster Crabbe is guest starring.

OK, your turn!