Memo to Clear Channel - Go F--- yourselves

Tue 25 March 2008 | tags: Music

Clear Channel to FCC: wash XM-Sirius mouth out with soap

I think if anything has caused terrestrial radio to become an unlistenable morass of sycophant pablum, it's Clear Channel. The last thing XM and Sirius needs is the FCC breathing down their necks. I'm glad I have a subscription to Sirius, and I'm seriously considering renewing when my free subscription runs out. Sirius is getting radio right by offering choice, and playing more edgy things. Sure, it can be a bit childish (hey! I can say F--- anytime I want! Woo hoo!) but it also allows them to play music that might otherwise never get played on the radio because it's too much of a pain to bleep it out. As a customer, I'm offended that Clear Channel would butt-in to my listening room to dictate what I whould be listening to. Just because they haven't figured out how to get the FCC out of their business doesn't mean I want them to bring the FCC into mine.

It's too bad I don't listen to Clear Channel stations, or I'd make sure to boycott everything they played. Grrrrr!