Penguicon 6.0 - Wrap-up

Whew! What a weekend! Penguicon was this weekend, and it was a complete blast. I had a lot of fun meeting people I'd only known online, as well as meeting other people whom I hadn't met before. It was a real treat to talk to Jono Bacon, and I was astonished that he remembered my entry for the Pimp My Lugradio contest. I had the opportunity to go to Red Robin with him and a bunch of the other Ubuntu folks. Everyone I met was very cool, and friendly.

Ruth and Thomas came up to see the talks, but their weekend luck wasn't so hot. Ruth managed to have bad luck with the rental car, by getting a flat tire on a mondo chunk of metal. JoDee and I drove out with Thomas to help her change the tire. (Special thanks to GM for the frustration of figuring out where the hell all of the pieces were for the jack since GM kindly hid the handle under a panel that also contains stuff on the top).

There were lots of things I really enjoyed about this conference, including the singing tesla coils (videos coming soon), the Ars Until Dawn panel (didn't know what it was prior to attending), Jono and Mako's talks (quite inspiring), and the Ubuntu Packaging Jam. I also presented several talks (slides). I know I'm forgetting the other great talks I went to, but it's just the overload talking.

There are some photos in the gallery you might want to check out. I didn't take as many as I probably should have.

JoDee wasn't feeling well for most of the conference, so she didn't get to attend as much as she would have liked. I think she was more looking forward to sleeping and shaking the allergies she was suffering.

Thanks to the Penguicon organizers for another great show! I'm already looking forward to the next one!