Looking for new cellphones

Nokia phone from a bygone

Dear Lazyweb,

On your left you will see a bit of ancient technology. No, this isn't something from the Neolithic era, this is my current and trust-worthy cellphone.

At least, it's reasonably trustworthy.

I've been noticing my usage habits have changed regarding my cellphone habits. Where before I would pretty much avoid using SMS for anything (paying for text messages was (and still is) and anathema for me), I've noticed I'm using my cell phone with SMS for things like Google Calendar (and *cough* twitter *cough*) so finding a cellphone that has excellent support for Google Calendar would be a huge win.

I've been looking at the smart phones out there, and while the iPhone has my geek heart aflutter, it has several major drawbacks that keep me from even considering it:

  1. No native iTunes support under Linux (so everything cool would be by the good graces of the community and Apple)
  2. It's expensive, both with the initial purchase and the monthly service.
  3. AT&T.

Now, I know AT&T is "the new AT&T", but my previous experience in the AT&T stores makes me wary of trusting them. Granted, having one bill for all of my phones would be awesome (we're using AT&T now for our landline service) but I'm still gun shy.

I've been looking at the Blackberry series phones (don't hurt me, Alan), but those also have their problems. The Curve seems the least offensive out of all of the series, and I'm seriously considering the Pearl as well. My only concern is the anal gravity field that seems to pervade those who have synchronized their Blackberry phones with their corporate network. (Yes, that giant sucking sound around Blackberry users isn't a figment of your imagination).

We're currently with T-Mobile, so phones that are currently sold by T-Mobile are a plus.

And yes, I had considered getting an unlocked phone. Recommendations for cool unlocked phones are always welcome.