Ubuntu Hardy Heron - An Update

imageWell friends, it's been a while since I updated to Hardy Heron, so I feel compelled to give you an update on my progress. You'll no doubt remember my troubles with my Apple Keyboard in the previous post. I've found a reasonable compromise for the issues I had with Hardy Heron and the Apple Slim Keyboard - I pulled out the old Apple Keyboard I thought I put on eBay and boxed up the Slim Keyboard until the fixes under the "-proposed" branch are brought current with Hardy 8.04.1.

You may also remember that I disabled pulseaudio. I found out how to get it to peacefully coexist with the other applications that aren't pulse-audio aware, and am now running pulseaudio again. I can't tell the difference, honestly.

I re-upgraded to the new NVidia, but slightly broken NVidia drivers (remember the Unreal Tournament issues I had? Yeah, well, I'd rather have the rest of the system run smoother than have Unreal Tournament look pretty). There's supposed to be new NVidia drivers in the "-proposed" branch, so I might check them out to see if they work or not.

There's still some niggling issues with Evolution, such as the inability to properly deal with Google Calendar, but overall it seems pretty solid. No complaints.

Gnome Panel has a tendency to freeze up on me from time to time for no apparent reason. I'm not sure what's going on there.

Overall, the Hardy Heron upgrade has been a success. A lot of my issues have been with proprietary hardware, so a little trouble is to be expected. And, as time passes, more and more things that aren't quite working will be fleshed out and will be stable once again.