Disgusted with Detroit

"Throw the bums out"

I'm not sure who was the original person who said the above quote, but I seem to think it or something similar when ever I catch the news lately. Seems there isn't a day that goes by that I don't think to myself that Detroit needs some serious clean-up. In case you haven't been keeping score:

  • Mayor Kwame is still in the midst of scandal over an affair and subsequent wrongful discharge of police officers and waste of taxpayer money to cover up said affair.
  • The FBI is busy getting to the bottom of a "sludge contract" deal that is implicating several City Council members, several mayoral staff, a local anchorwoman, and God-Knows-Who-Else because of impropriety.
  • Detroit Public Schools are experiencing a $400 million dollar shortfall, which will result in layoffs in order to compensate.
  • Detroit tried to sell off the Detroit / Windsor tunnel (but thankfully Windsor is backing out of the deal because they don't trust a scandal-ridden Detroit)

And that's just the stories from the past few months.

Detroit deserves to be a thriving metropolis, but instead we get idiots who are motivated by self-interest rather than building up Detroit. These leeches need to be burned off, and some serious soul-searching needs to happen on the part of Detroiters.

This is bullshit, and it needs to stop here and now.