Hotmail no more

I'm not sure there's a lot of you who still use Hotmail (outside of my parents), but apparently Hotmail has a stringent policy in place that keeps me from sending mail to any Hotmail address with any regularity. This appears to be in the name of preventing SPAM, but also I believe it's for promoting Microsoft's Sender ID program, which is their perrogative. Unfortunately, that means I won't be able to send mail to Hotmail any longer, so if you still want to keep in contact with me via e-mail, you have several options:

  • Choose a different e-mail provider (such as Google Mail, Yahoo Mail, or 100s of others)
  • Complain to Microsoft that you're not getting mail because of Sender ID, and ask them to change their policies.

I've told my parents they should be using Google Mail anyway, but apparently my dad is so hell-bent on using Hotmail, he's even paying them good money for an account. I guess when you get older, you live to torment your children in small, irritating ways. :)