PyOhio 2008 (a wee bit late)

JoDee, Rick, and I went to Ohio this past weekend for the first PyOhio convention. It was a lot of fun to get together with other Python programmers, and it was chock full of good information that I've added to my list of things to check out. I'm especially interested in Paver (which was presented by Mark Ramm, channeling Kevin Dangoor), followed by TurboGears (also presented by Mark Ramm, channeling himself, I believe). There were also talks about Decorators in Python, as well as Generators, which were both very informative. I also enjoyed the discussion about PostgreSQL and enterprise databases, even though the discussion about some of the IBM and Sybase databases brought me right back to thinking about work (shudder). I unfortunately missed out on the Lightning Talks, because JoDee hadn't signed up for the conference, and wanted to get some food, so I snuck out for a bit. Over all, it was a really great conference, and I'd gladly jump at the chance to go again. Of note:

  • I will never, ever, ever try to do a 5 hour drive into a town I'm not intimately familiar with after working a 6-hour day at work. Taking the day off is the way to go.
  • I will allow for some time on the day before to get down to the convention and have some time to relax, unwind, and enjoy.
  • The Doubletree suites we were in were absolutely the finest hotel suites JoDee or I have ever been in. I'm not sure how we got them, but I'm glad we did. Still, wish we had more time to enjoy it.
  • JoDee tried to study in the library, but unfortunately wasn't able to find a quiet spot to study. Yes, at a library. Not sure what it is with people in libraries nowadays, but I remember when I was growing up that ants didn't even fart in libraries for fear of being shushed.
  • Bowling Green Ohio is my friend on long trips to Columbus.

Can't wait 'till next year! Thanks to the organizers for making PyOhio a success!