Changed providers

Well, that was a lot of fun.

JoDee and I have been having availaibility issues with our previous hosting provider, To be fair, I think the main issue they've had is something rogue on one of their machines that is taking down the whole box. Unfortunately, what started as a minor inconvenience turned into a weekend-long outage, compounded with the labor day weekend. And on top of that, JoDee's classes were starting up, so we needed the sites up. I decided I needed to move things to a different box to save our sanity.

I still have nothing but appreciation for, and would recommend folks check them out. They have great prices, and good service (when the delta box isn't on the fritz). Unfortunately it's time for me to try something new, so here we are.

Let me know if you notice any broken links or other oddities. I pushed these sites up in a hurry, so I'm sure something isn't right along the way.