Peace and quiet (or how I learned to live with less ambient noise)

Recently I turned off my computer because of a problem I was having with an upgrade to Evolution (more on that later). In the time the machine was off, I noticed something quite remarkable. My den was actually quiet without the computer's fans blasting away like some makeshift wind-tunnel. When I turned the machine back on, the difference was remarkable. So, I asked JoDee if it would be OK if I tried quieting the machine, and she agreed that not only was the machine really loud, but that pursing a quieter machine would be worth it. So I went and picked up a quieter power supply (the Antec Neopower 550W), and a different case fan (which has yet to arrive... thanks DHL). The difference is staggering: I don't have to turn my music up as loud, and I can hear things outside without much difficulty. Plus, the power suplly is more efficient than the previous one, so the electrical bill should also be cheaper (since I leave my machine on 24/7).

It's interesting what we'll put up with only because we've grown used to it. it's only when we remove it that we become aware that it's absence is actually beneficial.