Why it's not good to be in the news

I don't know if you remember the news story about a London boy, who became a father at age 12. Unfortunately, the story doesn't end there. Oh no, Marge, sit down and let me tell ya; it gets better. Apparently, the boy, (whom the media has identified in the article, but out of courtesy, I won't identify here), made a discovery that I'm sure will not settle well with him at all. His girlfriend is the town pincushion, and he's not the father after all. So, now this boy has had three harsh lessons with this experience:

  1. He found out his girlfriend is a major slut.
  2. He's been outed by the media for having underaged, pre-marital sex.
  3. His noble act of taking care of his and his girlfriend's child, even at such a young age, is no longer for the reasons he thought. The child is not his.

So, for saying that he was the father of this kid, he is rewarded by losing is anonymity. His fidelity to his girlfriend is rewarded by his girlfriend's act of infidelity. His mistake is magnified under the lens of the media, and now weeks later we learn the awful truth, and hungrily lap up the sordid details of every last kernel.

This poor boy has been through too much already. It's time for the news story to conclude, no matter what else happens. This kid needs his life back.

And just to end it o a ligher note, here's a comic that perfectly explains the science news cycle.