More with the surveys, and being cranky about books

Sun 13 June 2010 | tags: Rants

Last time I was in Borders, I got a request to take a survey. I just filled it out. At least this survey has the decency to let me put in my remarks, which I'll share with you:

I'd appreciate it if the store would give equal shelf time to the areas of science and technology as they do for the new-age hippie nonsense that seemingly has permeated the store. I understand that it's fashionable (and possibly more profitable) to cater to the 2012, end-of-the-world folks who believe our planet is doomed to cease to exist because someone in the Bureau of Mayan calendars got lazy and figured some future Mayan might pick up the slack when the calendar ran out, but I'm sure that any reasonable books which counter such beliefs will not be found anywhere in your store. Perhaps the problem isn't with your stores, and maybe it's all within the publishers purvey, but it seems that between your store and the website that purportedly picks up the slack from the store, I can't find anything that I'm looking to purchase. It seems the sections that I care about are shrinking, while the bargain book and woo-woo crackpot areas are growing by leaps and bounds. I'd love to give you more money. Really! Check my Border's Rewards Card. I love buying books. Please give me the opportunity. Thank you.

Think I got my point across?