Can I make it more clear?

I recently unsubscribed from the Kobo mailing list. I just realized that I'm getting mail for something that I am unable to use. They have a selection for reasons for unsubscribing, with a selection for "Other..." which allowed me to type in the following:

I no longer have the Macintosh machine that I used to download the books. Since I'm running Linux at home, I can no longer use the service. I would love to continue to be able to use the service, but the DRM restrictions make it impossible for me to give you money and get something in return. That's unfortunate, but that's my reality. So, staying on a mailing list that gives me no benefit outside of showing me products that I can't use and deals that I can't take advantage of. Until something changes (DRM removal, change of Operating System, change of my attitude towards DRM) we're at an impasse.

Thanks for the book that I did buy while using the service.

Now, I'm sure that my little missive isn't going to do too much good, but I think there is a need to let publishers know quite plainly that I'm not using their service because I can't use their service anymore. It is physically impossible, given their restrictions, for me to use their service. I'm quite happy to give them money, and would love to read more books electronically, but because a situation changed in my life, (I no longer have the machine that made it possible to download their books) I no longer have a way to access their service.

Have you had a similar experience with eBooks or any other media?