You move me

We've finally declared the move pretty much officially over. At least, it's to the point now where we're down to the boxes left at our parents that need to be brought over. All of the other boxes have been broken down, or put into storage. There's no feeling like having your stuff in some semblance of order after moving.

Huge thank yous to everyone who helped us move, and thank yous to everyone who wanted to help, but were tied up with other matters. We appreciate every last bit of help that we received, and understand the situations that prevented those who couldn't make it.

Looking forward to getting all of the boxes over here so the bookcases can once again be filled to the brim with books. I'm missing some of the more important programming books, like my K&R C book. Need to find the box that one is in so it can be put back into it's rightful space.