Thanks, but no thanks for the link spam offer.

´╗┐On Sat, 2010-12-18 at 07:01 +0300, Isabella White wrote:
> Dear craig maloney,
> May I ask you to place the link below to our Free Windows 7 Registry
> Toolkit Application anywhere on your blog? If you agree, please send
> me the link where you placed the link and I will present you with a
> license of Free Windows 7 Registry Toolkit Application.

Hi Isabella,

Thank you, but I must respectfully decline your link SPAM. I'm sure that
some folks may be enticed by the offer of a free copy of your dubious
product, but there are several reasons why I must decline.

  1. I don't use Windows 7
  2. I don't believe that automated registry cleaners really do anything outside of mucking in an already crowded and dangerous area of Windows 7
  3. I value what little Google ranking I currently have

I do hope that Digeus will in the future rely on true word-of-mouth
advertising instead of an astro-turfed grass-roots campaign. If the
product is as truly wonderful as you say that it is, I'd recommend
offering review copies to bloggers instead of trying the tactic that
you're currently engaged.

I wish you the best in your future endeavors.